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How to Be More Organized

My father is a wise man. As time goes by and I’m getting older, I’m starting to realize he is even wiser than I thought. When I was a child, he always used to insist that I should not leave my things laying around, and that I should always set a place for them and place them there.   If you learn to put one thing in its place it’s going to help you a lot, on the long run, because you can always go fetch it and find it there. And you can do that even with your eyes closed.   This is true, actually. I took his advice and it turned out to be very useful. I reckon this is how I developed my organizational skills. By simply applying his piece of advice, I was efficient. Then, I started feeling the need for clarity and planning. A need that I always try to fulfil in my professional and personal relationships. If things are not clear and well defined for neither of the parties (or even only for one of them), the standstill occurs. And standstill cannot be surpassed by only one party’s efforts